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What is IP Address (Definition + Explanation for Beginners)

IP address (Internet Protocol) is used to identify your digital device on a network. IP addresses allow a device to connect with another device, and it helps you transfer your data on a local network or all over the internet.

Each of these addresses starts with some string of numbers, separated by periods. There’re numbers in total, and the range of each number is around 0 and 255. An example of an IP address would be: 506.464.12.434

We need billions of IP addresses to verify every computer, router, and different website on the internet. One day we’ll run this unique IP address, and a new IPv6 protocol has been designed for our need.

How Do I Find Out my IP Address?

When your computer is connected with two networks, such as a local network and the Internet, Then you’ll beget two IP addresses. Then you’ll have two IP addresses, one IP address is private, which is used locally, and the second one is public, which is used as a public IP address on the Internet. (Tech News)

A private IP address is used to connect with different computers or devices to your home network and business network. This address is normally designed like your network router. 

Your private Ip address range is around 40.xxx.xxx.xx or 192.168.xxx.xx. An example of a private Internet Protocol address is

There are a few ways to help you discover your private IP address. For example, on windows, you can type like ipconfig on the command prompt. Similarly, if you’re a Mac user, you can type the ipconfig command in the terminal app.  

Your public IP address helps you connect with your home or business network to the Internet. Your (ISP) Internet services provider assigns your public Internet protocol address.

If you want to know your IP address, then you type in your browser whatismyip.com then a website opens. This helps you to know about your Internet Protocol address and other information. 

If you’re a WordPress website, it will also have an e Public Internet protocol address. You can learn about it by visiting your hosting or checking the email sent on your main when you first sign up.

Alternatively, you can use Whatismyip.com DNS lookup tools. Once you type your Website URL, this Website tells your IP address.

IP Addresses and Domain Names

Humans are more comfortable with a name, not some numbers. It’s easier to remember a domain name like ideatechy.com than a long list of numbers like

Internet’s domain name collected system is like a phone book. When you type a domain name like ideatechy.com, it automatically looks up the domain number and the Internet protocol address, then connects you to the website. 

Interestingly, the WordPress website doesn’t know its Internet protocol address. It just knows the URL. This process makes it easier to switch to a new hosting provider, Where your website URL is likely to change.

If you want to know about a domain name or DNS, you can check out this tutorial. Related Article: Bluehost Alternatives: Top 4 Best Better Hosting Providers

dynamic IP Address

Dynamic and Static IP Addresses

Most internet users have a  dynamic IP address that IP automatically changes from time to time. This is a better form for all internet service providers who need to deal with their users to join and leave their services and change their addresses. Related Article: How to Send a Test Email From WordPress

On the other hand, most websites have a static Internet protocol address that doesn’t change. This is so important because the DNS system use website’s IP address when a user sends you an email by navigating your website. 

If you plan to host your website, you’ll need to purchase a static Internet protocol address from your Internet service provider, Which will cost you extra money.

The IPv4 Vs IPv6 Protocols

The original Internet Protocol Is IPv4 which we’ve been seen. It defines an IP address 506.457.15.241 as a 32 bit. 32 Bit IP address allows for around 4 billion Internet Protocol addresses which aren’t enough for ongoing uses.

The IPv6 is a new protocol first introduced in 1998, commenced in the mid of the 2000s, and is ongoing now. When you visit the whatismyip.com website, you discover your IP address has been assigned an IPv6.

The new protocol uses a 128-bit address that looks like this 4gur:1855:5456:7:600:t4jt:tc54:98vt.

This means that IPv6 can provide about 340 trillion Internet protocol addresses. That’s enough to meet the growing need for IP addresses for computers, smartphones, smartwatches, Websites, phones, and smart refrigerators for many years.

We hope you guys know everything about IP addresses. Related Article: How to Track Video Analytics in WordPress Website

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