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Top 5 Best Dark Mode Plugins For WordPress In 2022

5 Best Dark Mode Plugins For WordPress: The dark theme’s high priority behind reason is its elegant, sophisticated, and timeless. Thus, there’s no worry about the expiration date. Besides visual beauty, the dark theme also has magical practical benefits. The best benefit of this feature is its best for man’s eye health. For this reason, it’s used to decrease the amount of white light from mobile devices and computers.

By adding red colors in your website background, dark mode provides a more enjoyable experience to your visitors. In the age of smartphones, we’re spending more time on our smartphones. If you plan to use the dark theme on your website, you need a best WordPress dark theme or a best dark mode plugin. In this article, we’re focusing on some best WordPress dark mode plugins. But before going through our dark mode plugin parts, let’s go through dark mode tips for you.

Dark Mode Plugins Tips And Benefit

The dark mode gives your website a unique and professional look and gives your visitors a luxurious experience. Also, you can attract your visitors to specific images, text, or products easier. When you put a color on your dark mode canvas, then it standout. One of the best things is that when you use the dark theme features on your website, it decreases eye strain and dryness, so your visitors spend lots of time on your website. And the dark mode gives you a separate look at your website, making you unique from your competitor. 

Although the dark mode comes with some amazing features, they’re one problem this feature isn’t suitable for all kinds of brands. So, before your site-building, take a look at your brand story, character, and templates. Think about the benefits of using the dark mode features and have in mind the context of your offering and the dark mode features. Also, you don’t have to necessarily use the pure black color on your website, use like gray or like something colors.

Using the color contrast smartly. If there’s not enough contrast, your website design looks too dark and is not eye catchy for your visitors. On the other hand, too much contrast makes your website hush and hard to consume for your visitors.

The Best Dark Mode Plugins For Your WordPress Website

Previously we talked about the benefit of dark mode, and now we’re jumping to the best dark mode plugins that you’ve to check out.

1. WP Dark Mode - Dark Mode Plugins For WordPress

WP Dark Mode Plugins

The best plugin on our list is WP Dark Mode. Firstly, you can use this plugin for your website backend (WordPress dashboard) and frontend, and this plugin allows you to make any changes without any coding knowledge.

Furthermore, this plugin allows you to switch on a dark theme with a button. Which one can you display on your website? These features allow your visitors to change their chosen mode. You can also choose an animation effect between theme changing to make dark mode switching more unique and professional.

We also like this plugin for its time mode functionality. In some cases, you can schedule for your dark mode. WP dark mode pro comes with these features, allowing you to turn your website based on your user local time.

Some Best Useful Features that will include with this:

  • 3 color presets
  • 3 switch styles
  • Many customization options.

2. Darklup - Dark Mode Plugins For WordPress

Darklup Dark Mode Plugins

Markup is one of the best plugins that you can check out. This Plugin has amazing features that fully support all kinds of third-party plugins like Elementor, WP bakery page builder, Gutenberg, etc.

Like WP Dark Mode Plugin, This Plugin will give you a switch button that can help you to switch white mode to dark mode. With the Plugin, you can choose 3+ switch styles and 3+ predesign colors. Depending on your need, you can schedule your website for dark mode; then, your website is automatically switching to dark mode when you want.

Thanks for the customization option. You can choose a dark mode color schema with your website. Also, you can change your dark mode color palette; customize your button, icons, and position. You can also include a specific page or post to this.

Some Best Useful Features that will include with this:

  • 10+ color presets
  • Dark mode backend and frontend
  • Pro features

3. Droit Dark Mode

Droit Dark Mode

Droit Dark Mode is another plugin that helps you with dark mode on your website. This plugin will be fully workable with dark mode on your website frontend and backend. Besides these great features, this plugin provides you with some best features you like.

This plugin’s best part is you don’t need to be familiar with coding knowledge for changing general mode to dark mode. You can do this with some clicks from your website dashboard. On the other side, this plugin provides you with a 10+ color schema that can help you to change the dark color from the palette easily.

Additionally, you can display the floating switch button, which helps improve your website’s user experience. Plus, you can switch multiple styles so can make balance your website. 

Besides basic features, there are lots of additional optional features with this plugin pro version. For an instant, you can increase you’re or decrease your dark theme brightness and contrast or define particle posts of pages or products that will appear in your website dark mode.

Some Best Useful Features that will include with this:

  • 10+ color presets
  • Dark mode backend and frontend
  • Pro features

4. Night Mode for WordPress

Night Mode for WordPress

Without Night mode for WordPress, our list can’t be complete. This plugin does everything that it promised. It allows you to add night mode to your entire website, and you can also adjust your settings, so your images, texts, and other elements are readable and neat.

On the other hand, you can change your text, buttons, links, or other elements that will appear on your website. So, in case you need a free, reliable plugin, then this plugin covers everything; search no more.

Some Best Useful Features that will include with this:

  • Easy customization
  • Many great features

5. Dark Mode For WP Dashboard

Dark Mode Plugins for wordpress

Dark Mode For WP Dashboard Is a powerful plugin that will let you enable dark mode on your website. Besides intuitive usage, some useful features are included with this plugin for your website dark mode setting. So you can have over your website dark mode setting. Also, this plugin is fully comported with lots of plugins like Jetpack, Yoast SEO, Nested Pages, and WooCommerce.

Some Best Useful Features that will include with this:

  • Compatibility with other plugins
  • Intuitive features


The Dark Mode is a great feature for some brands and brands. If you like the dark mode, you can easily do it with these plugins. This prepared all your image, texts, and CTA message also – dark mode plugins will take care of your website.

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