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How to Change the “Powered by WordPress” Footer Links

How to Change Footer Links In WordPress: The benefit of the using WordPress theme is that, its offers huge customization. From plugins to any WP theme, there’re lots of personalized options to make your website perfect. However, for every theme, many elements help you to change or remove the “Powered by WordPress” Footer Links.  

Fortunately, there’re lots several options that you can choose to remove or change footer links text. Even there are many better methods to suit all types of users. 

In this article, I’ll show you many ways that help you to remove or change footer links or text. Then I will take you step by step on how to change the footer link or text. So you guys are connected with me.

Why Remove the “Powered by WordPress” Footer Links

Around 40% of websites are hosted with the most popular website builder wordpress. Based on these statics, there’s a chance that a couple of sites you’ve visited have  the same footer: “Power By WordPress Or something.”

Remove Footer Links

When you click on the text then you’ll be redirected to the site. You’ve probably noticed some websites that use WordPress but don’t display the footer credit. Behind these, there’s some potential reason.  

Which site is choosing to hide their website footer text, because they’re trying to achieve an image of self-sufficiency. You might choose to do it for this reason, and you can put it empty.

However, there’re lots of reasons to change or remove your header link or text. WordPress is an effective and free platform, making the footer link an easy and subtle way to credit the platform that is helping you to build your website perfectly. 

There’s some simple factor that keeps your mind when you change your footer text from the previous ( Proudly Powered By WordPress). The good news is that is a fairly straightforward process that you can always change your footer when you wanna change or remove and you can go back to your previous link text. 

What to Remember Before You Change the “Powered by WordPress” Footer Links

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that The footer link or text changing method is fully legal. But the fact is that WordPress doesn’t provide an easy way to remove these link text. On the other hand, this freedom is just for the benefit of the platform’s open-source nature. 

Basically, wordpress is released under the General Public License (GNU). This means that you change anything from this software, where you wanna change – Including the footer. 

Even so, there are some essential matters that you keep in your mind that, If you use the CSS method then you could affect your search engine optimization.  

As with the big change of your website, I strongly recommend you please create a backup of your full site. It’ll be helpful when changing something on your website and the website gonna crash. 

With all of that covered, let’s get into changing or removing the “Proudly Powered by WordPress” footer links

How to Remove the “Powered by WordPress” Footer Links (3 Ways)

If you’re looking to change the footer text or the link, then there’re three effective ways for you to choose from.

1. Change the Footer From the Theme Settings Page

Depending on your install theme, you may just need to adjust some settings for changing the footer area. Many developers anticipate that users will want to customize their footer area text and link and make the option available. 

If you can easily change the footer then it’ll be very helpful to you. Some selected theme comes with these features.  An example that offers this functionality is ocean wp and it’s the pro version. 

Essentially, you choose the theme that is the same regardless of the theme. First, you need to go to the wordpress website dashboard. Then hover your mouse on the appearance option then the customization option appears. In the customization option, you’re finding something to footer, footer option, or credits ( your website presents footer name).

Change footer links

If you wanna rid of all the text, then delete the full line to text from the box and leave an empty. This should result in a black footer area, and it’s fully blank. You can adjust the footer if you wanna change or redirect somewhere else.

2. Directly Modify Your Theme’s Code

There’s another to remove or change the footer option by modifying your website theme’s code. In this state, I highly recommended you complete a backup of your website before starting. 

It’s also important to modify your website code with a child theme and not the parent theme itself. It’s another way to protect your website from crashes. If your website breaks in some cases then there’s another way to the appearance of your website. 

This method requires a file transfer protocol client. I fully recommended you to use FileZilla, once you’re familiar with how to operate it. Then it’ll be stable with your work. 

To start, open the parent theme with the help of FileZilla. And find the header.php option and make a copy of this, remember don’t delete it from the themes files. Hostinger Coupon Code

Once you move it, look for some code like the following:

<div class="powered-by">



        /* translators: %s: WordPress. */

esc_html__( 'Proudly powered by %s.', 'twentytwentyone' ),

'<a href="' . esc_url( __( '', 'twentytwentyone' ) ) . '">WordPress</a>'



</div><!-- .powered-by -->

</div><!-- .site-info -->

</footer><!-- #colophon -->

</div><!-- #page -->

<?php wp_footer(); ?>

Once you’ve found it, then delete that portion of the code from your child theme footer.php option. After completing any single change then save your changes from your dashboard.

3. Use CSS for a Quick Fix

I previously said that the CSS changing method can be a risk for you. It can be a negative effect on your website SEO due to flagging it as a spam technique since the wordpress footer link will be hidden in a different place or not actually removed. 

Also, the method doesn’t work with all WordPress themes. Its success rate is a bit miss or hit, depending on how’s your theme you’re using as your website management. For these reasons, it’s not a recommended method. 

Undeniably removing or changing the WordPress footer link is the very easiest way to remove the WordPress footer links from view. 

Once you’ve got all the things then you start by making sure that the theme you’ve want to hide the footer link or text for is activated. 

Select the theme editor option from your dashboard. You’ll probably automatically be taken to the stylesheet page under your wordpress theme. However, You might check the double-time before adding something. 

next, scroll to the bottom of the style.css file on your website and paste the following code on the selected option:

You can also add the following code on your website’s custom CSS panel. For this method first, you need to go on the appearance option. Then hover on the Appearance area the customization option appears. When you go on the customization option then you find the Additional CSS option. And then paste the following code here.

footer link
.site-info { display: none; }
change footer links

And next click on the publish button.


In this article, I covered three ways to remove or change these footer links:

  • Firstly, choose the theme that comes pre-programmed with the option to disable them.
  • carefully change your all code and check the results.
  • Weigh the cons and pros of inserting any additional CSS

If you use this method on your website, then let us know in the comments section below!

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