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WordPress Vs Blogger: Which one is better?

(Self-Hosted) WordPress Vs Blogger (Full Free) website the comparison that everybody keeps asking me for because I have tutorials on blogger and tutorials on WordPress and which one is best I can’t decide to help me out.

What’s up everybody? It’s Efty from WPLecture.com. I hope you’re having a great day so in this comparison content. I’m going to take a look at blogger.com vs a self-hosted WordPress website. We’re going to be comparing these two platforms across three dimensions we’re going to be taking a look at SEO monetization strategies and design layout and ease of use so let’s get started.

WordPress Vs Blogger: SEO

So let’s begin by comparing the SEO between blogger.com and a self-hosted WordPress website now I’m just going to come right out and say that WordPress is better. A WordPress website just ranks better than a blogger blog-like. A great example is a blog post I wrote on ideatechy.com back when it was a WordPress-powered website called Top 5 best free theme on WordPress and that piece of content was ranking for the search term. Top 5 best WordPress themes and it was just chilling at the bottom of page one. But ever since I moved everything over to blogger it’s been about six months that piece of content with the same exact content. On a blogger blog is still on pages four and five it’s just not performing as.

Blogger Vs WordPress: Technical Comparison

Well now for a technical comparison between the two. Obviously, WordPress is just better because you have a lot more control over the on-page SEO of your website than you do with a blogger blog. Thanks in part to plugins like rank math and Yoast SEO. With WordPress, you can have a custom permalink structure you can have it be something like slash block slash post title whatever. With a blogger, you’re stuck using dates.

Categories & Links

Next WordPress uses categories and categories are actually really helpful. Because it just creates a page that’s very helpful that contains all the information about a specific topic on your website. That a user can use to find specific content where blogger uses labels and labels are okay but they’re just not as good as categories. Last is breadcrumbs so like a one-man show here on the internet talking about breadcrumbs. Anybody who’s followed any of my WordPress tutorials knows that I am a big believer in adding breadcrumbs to your website.

Add breadcrumbs to your website it provides good internal linking it’s very useful for the end visitor google really likes websites with breadcrumbs and now with WordPress. Adding breadcrumbs to your website is very easy just copy and paste some shortcodes in and you’re good to go with blogger it’s not the same it’s way more technical. You have to understand how to edit the HTML and I haven’t been I haven’t bothered to do it for my own personal blog just because it’s too technical. I don’t feel like jumping into the HTML and CSS and trying to figure out how to add breadcrumbs effectively. So that’s why I really like WordPress because it’s just easier without regard.

WordPress Vs Blogger: Monetization

Next up is monetization between a blogger blog and a self-hosted WordPress website. So again I’m just going to come right out and say that WordPress is better like WordPress is way better because you have more functionality and flexibility due in part to the plugins that you can add to a WordPress-powered website. So for example you have access to a plugin called pretty links. What pretty links do is take an ugly affiliate link and then make it into something a lot more beautiful and appealing. That person would actually feel comfortable with clicking on it so you can take some long weird-looking affiliate link. Related Article: Bluehost Alternatives: Top 4 Best Better Hosting Providers

Then you can change it into like websitecreatepro.com/product and people kind of trust when they see that a type of link like that is a little bit more than they do with some weird affiliate link. And with blogger, you just have no way to cloak affiliate links you have to either use bitly you just have to use the plain old affiliate link itself. I can tell you that people don’t really trust bitly links that much. And people definitely don’t want to click on any obvious-looking affiliate link because they don’t know where I’m going to end up. If I click this weird-looking link on your website.

Product Boxes

Next are product boxes that you can add to your website with WordPress. So with WordPress and particularly ideatechy.com. I use and love this plugin called stackable because I’m able to create these really big gorgeous-looking product boxes that I use to promote various products and services as an affiliate. The product boxes look great and they help increase conversions where on a blog or blog you just don’t have access to anything like that. In addition, you have amazon associates, so with amazon associates and WordPress, there are tons of plugins that allow you to add like in product tables and specific product boxes. It helps to increase conversions of your sales with amazon associates. Whereas with a blogger blog, you’re stuck either using the basic product image or just the basic amazon short link.

When promoting a product via amazon associates’ advertising is way more flexible with a WordPress-powered website. So again like you have access to different plugins. So like with a WordPress-powered website you can use a plug-in like an ad inserter manually. Say like okay I want an ad to display here and here on my website. When people are visiting whereas with a blogger blog you don’t have access to that. So with blogger, your access is to either use the default layout within blogger which adds an Adsense add to your footer in the sidebar or you have to enable google auto ads with blogger. Now with WordPress, you don’t have to use Adsense, you can use whatever ad network. You want with blogger you can so that’s a big difference as well. Related Article: How to Send a Test Email From WordPress

Design and Ease of use

So I’m just going to say that this is a tie between WordPress and blogger. Now yeah anybody can go to blogger.com and sign in with a Gmail account and then boom you have yourwebsite.blogger.com it is that easy. Whereas WordPress has a few more steps where you have to get a domain name a shared hosting account install WordPress and design your website with a WordPress theme. But with like a blogger blog like you’re not going to want your website to be website.blogger.com you’re going to want to have a custom domain name and so then you got to kind of figure out how to do that which is why I create tutorial videos here to help you out. And so that’s why I say bloggers are seemingly easy to use.

But to get it to like where you want to be is going to require a little bit of some technical skills that you’re going to need to develop. Now in terms of the design of the website. WordPress uses themes and there are thousands of themes and all themes today kind of provide some type of drag and drop functionality to work well. With the Gutenberg block editor. Yeah, it has a learning curve but if you’re willing to put in the time with WordPress you’re going to find out that you can create any type of website that you want. Pretty easily with any type of WordPress theme and. By contrast, blogger works by way of templates and with your blogger account you only have access to a few basic good-looking templates then you have access to a lot of really old data templates.

WordPress Vs Blogger; Which One Is The Best Option?

which one is best well, I just gave blogger a big-time thrashing. So I’m sure you already know the answer to this look. If you want to build an income-generating website a potentially sellable asset then go with WordPress don’t even waste your time with a blogger. Now that’s not to say again blogger is terrible. It’s not I use blogger for my blog because I get free web hosting. And I just have to pay for the custom domain name and I’m able to run Google Adsense on it. And make a little bit of passive income you go with a blogger if you just want a personal website. If you’re okay with it just being the small little fun side thing that you do that’s why you go with blogger. Otherwise, go with WordPress if your goal is to build an income-generating web property. Related Article: How to Track Video Analytics in WordPress Website

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