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What Is WordPress & What Is It Used‎ For? guideline’s For Beginner

“So what’s is WordPress, accurately?”- You Might be wondering.
The simplest answer of What is WordPress is this:

WordPress is the operating system of your website. ⚙️

Think like this, just your smartphone needs an Android or IOS operating system to work, Similarly, you needed WordPress for the smart website.

While WordPress is not only one website operating system, but WordPress is the unquestionable leader in this space. At the time of writing, There’re about 34% website runs with WordPress operating system.

Just to show, how much difference between WordPress and other operating system in the space, the second most popular website builder Joomla used in 3% of websites. Where 34% of websites using WordPress for their website operation.

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What makes WordPress dominate this much & what is it used for?

What happens when you google “WordPress”?

Searching WordPress on google is perhaps one of the confusing things about WordPress. Here’s the problem, When you search google “WordPress” then you’ll find results.



Google suggest you to these two official site, but can’t able to give you enough information. These two official site for download theme, plugins. WordPress’s two official websites are fully commercialized online platforms.

How to use WordPress & how does WordPress work?

Let me tell you how to get started with WordPress. But further – should you be interested in learning more.
So, to use WordPress, then you must follow two-part:

⦁ Firstly needed a domain name for the website address, for example, our website name WpLecture.com⦁ Secondly needed a hosting service, where your website all your content is store.

There’re lots of hosting-providing company but I fully recommend using the Bluehost web service. Bluehost is WordPress friendly and also recommended by the official site.

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