Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO: Which Is Best WordPress SEO Plugin?

When someone talks about the SEO opportunity of WordPress, the two most popular names appear in everyone’s mind, Rank Math and another one is Yoast SEO.

Rank Math and Yoast SEO are the two most popular WordPress SEO plugins, those are the change in the overall SEO scenario for WordPress website owners. Both are used by top digital marketers, website owners and bloggers.

This article will give you a detailed comparison between Rank Math and Yoast SEO to help you decide which one is the better option for your WordPress website.

Both of these WordPress SEO plugins are fully free to use on unlimited WordPress websites. And for those who want to improve their website SEO, there are premium features available on both plugins.

In today’s article, we’ll talk about Rank Math Vs Yoast and their Installation process, User Experience, Keyword and Content optimization, SEO features, Plugin size, Performance, Pricing plan, Support and more.

Rank Math is a comprehensive SEO solution for WordPress users, designed to optimize the ranking of your website on search engines. It offers a suite of tools to enhance on-page SEO, including content analysis and keyword tracking.

On the other hand, Yoast SEO is a popular WordPress plugin that helps improve your website’s visibility on search results. It provides detailed insights into your content’s readability and keyword density, ensuring your site is search-engine friendly.

Both Rank Math and Yoast offer similar functionalities, but they differ in their interfaces and additional features. While Rank Math is known for its user-friendly interface and automated SEO recommendations, Yoast is lauded for its advanced text readability analysis.

Choosing between Rank Math and Yoast ultimately depends on the specific needs of your website. The comparison in the following sections will provide further insights to help you make an informed decision.

Installation Process of Rank Math and Yoast

SEO Plugins

Rank Math and the Yoast both are free-to-use plugins, that you can install from your WordPress root directory. And both of those are free to use.

In the installation process, all of these two plugins are very simple as like other WordPress plugins. You just need to search for the plugin and after finding the plugin click on the Install Now button, After completing the installation process you just need to click on the Activate button.

Then you’re ready to go with Rank Math and Yoast SEO.

User Experience

Rank Math and Yoast SEO come with a user-friendly interface, which is helpful for a beginner. But when the time comes to talk about the user interface of these two SEO plugins, then I like Rank Math more than Yoast SEO.

Rank Math

Rank Math Dashboard

Rank Math comes with a beginner-friendly interface, making it easier to use for someone new to SEO.

From the Rank Math Dashboard, you can choose which features you want to keep and which features you want to disable.

Rank Math allows you to verify all the webmaster tools from a single place, they also allow you to Edit or change your .htaccess file from your dashboard.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO Dashboard

Yoast has an intuitive interface that provides a detailed analysis of each post’s readability and SEO improvements. However, the interface may seem overwhelming for beginners.

Additionally, Yoast offers an SEO analysis checklist, which allows you to easily keep track of your optimizations.

Overall, both plugins have a user-friendly interface, but Rank Math may be more suitable for beginners due to its simplified layout.

Keyword Research and Content Optimization

Both Rank Math and Yoast offer features to help with keyword research and content optimization, helping you to produce SEO-friendly content to get a higher rank on Search Engines rank.

Keyword Research

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Rank Math Basic SEO

Rank Math SEO features called Basic SEO, and Basic SEO come with a few SEO suggestions to improve the overall SEO of a WordPress website.

Using focus keywords on SEO title, meta description, URL, the beginning of the content, and good enough content this is the Rank Math basic SEO suggestion to improve your website ranking.

Yoast SEO also comes with similar features, called SEO. Yoast SEO helps to improve overall search engine rank like Rank Math basic SEO.

Yoast SEO comes with almost similar features as Rank Math like SEO title optimization, Slug (URL) optimization, Meta Description optimization and Keyword Analysis.

Content Optimization

When we talk about the features of content optimization, then both of these two SEO plugins offer similar features. But the way of offering those features and giving suggestions is different from each other.

Rank Math Content Optimization

Rank Math offers advanced content optimization, making it easier to produce SEO-friendly content. It provides recommendations on keyword usage, content length, internal linking and external linking to improve your website’s ranking.

Their Content optimization suggestion is to use keywords on SEO titles, Title containing positive or negative words, Use power words, Contain a number, Use a table of contents to break down content, Use images or videos.

Yoast SEO Readability

Yoast SEO offers almost pretty similar features to Rank Math. Yoast checks for your content readability, keyword density and internal linking but it does not provide suggestions like Rank Math.

However, Yoast’s detailed analysis of readability and keyword density may be more suitable for bloggers or writers looking to improve their writing skills.

Yoast SEO Readability suggestions are More than 75% sentence length should be within 20 words, using active voice, enough variety in your sentences, make sure sentences are not too long.

Others SEO Features

Also, all of these two SEO plugins offer other additional plugins. These features are not so important but these two SEO plugins offer more features to make your website better for search engine rank.

Rank Math

Here are a few additional SEO features offered by the Rank Math SEO Plugin:

  • 404 Monitor
  • Analytics
  • Content AI
  • Image SEO
  • Instant Indexing
  • Link Counter
  • Redirections
  • Edit .htacess file
  • Webmaster Tool Integration
  • Title & Meta optimization


Here are a few additional SEO features offered by Yoast SEO Plugin:

  • Inclusive language analysis
  • Insights
  • Site Representation
  • Search Console verification
  • Page & Post Optimization
  • Crawl optimization
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Duplicate Content checks
  • Cornerstone content
  • XML sitemap for Google News

Both Rank Math and Yoast offer a wide range of SEO features to help improve the overall ranking of your website. It is important to carefully evaluate which features are essential for your website’s needs before deciding between the two plugins.

Plugin Size & SEO Performance

Plugin size is another important thing you need to keep it in your mind. The bigger plugins can be the reason for your website’s slow loading speed. If you do not want to compromise on your website’s performance, then it is important to choose a lightweight SEO plugin.

Plugin Size and SEO Performance

Rank Math is a more lightweight SEO plugin than Yoast. Rank Math plugin folder size is only 11.8MB, on the other hand, Yoast SEO plugin folder size is more than 32MB. So, Rank Math users get their website’s faster loading speed than Yoast users.

Also, Rank Math is built with a total of 61.1K lines of code, and the Yoast SEO plugin is built with more than 97K lines of code. Rank Math page speed is 0.01s, and Yoast page speed is 0.18s.

Rank Math also offers more features than Yoast SEO plugins, So you can easily decide which SEO plugin is suitable for your website. But Rank Math and Yoast SEO are excellent options for improving the overall SEO of your website.

Rank Math Vs Yoast Price Plan

Rank Math and Yoast SEO, all come with with best pricing plan for their users. But these two plugins offer free plans to their users which is pretty enough for beginners.

To unlock all of their features, you need to unlock their premium plan.

Rank Math Pricing Plan

Rank Math is pretty affordable compared to Yoast SEO, Rank Math comes with three different tier pricing plans.

Their pro plan comes with $5.75/Month, the Business plan comes with $19.08/Month, and the most advanced Agency plan comes with $45.75/Month.  All of them come with Unlimate website support.

Yoast SEO Pricing Plan

On the other hand, Yoast SEO comes with $99/Year for a single website. And if you want Yoast SEO for two websites, then the pricing plan will be double.


Reliable and responsive support is a critical factor to consider when choosing an SEO plugin. When things go wrong or when you need advice, solid customer support can make a significant difference.

Rank Math prides itself on its dedicated and responsive support team. The team is readily available to resolve issues and answer questions via their support forum and email.

On the other hand, Yoast SEO provides free support through their extensive knowledge base and community forum. Premium users also have access to 24/7 email support.

To get premium support from Yoast SEO you need to be their premium user, But if you go with Rank Math then you’ll get premium support with their free plan.

Rank Math Vs Yoast: Which is the Best SEO Plugin?

In the realm of SEO plugins, Rank Math and Yoast SEO have emerged as considerable contenders. Both offer comprehensive features that can significantly boost your website’s search engine ranking.

Rank Math shines with its advanced content optimization suggestions, lightweight design, and responsive support team. It offers more features and is known for rapid page loading speed, which can positively affect your site’s performance.

On the other hand, Yoast SEO is recognized for its detailed analysis of readability and keyword density, making it an excellent choice for writers and bloggers. Despite its larger plugin size, Yoast SEO remains a popular choice due to its inclusive language analysis and robust support for premium users.

When it comes to pricing, Rank Math offers more affordable plans, while Yoast SEO charges annually. Upon comparing these two plugins, it’s clear that the choice between Rank Math and Yoast SEO will depend heavily on your specific website needs and budget constraints.

But we suggest you go with Rank Math as it offers more features, better performance, and affordable pricing plans.


By completely reading this article, hope you have a better idea if we Compare Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO, then which SEO plugin will win?

But you need to take one thing in your mind, using different SEO plugins doesn’t ensure you’ll get a good search engine rank. You need to be aware of the SEO guidelines and always keep updating your content according to these guidelines.

Also, you need to provide high-quality helpful content for your reader and user, this way you can easily win the heart of Google’s algorithm. Also, you need to focus on Link building, site speed and many other things to get a good search engine rank.

So, choose the best SEO plugin that meets your website’s needs, analyze your website requirements and budget carefully before making a decision. Hope you find this article helpful, And if you’ve any further questions then you can comment below. We’ll be happy to help you.

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