How to Properly Rename Categories in WordPress

How to Properly Rename Categories in WordPress

Do you want to change or rename categories name in your WordPress site?

As your site grows you must need to some changes to your WordPress website or rename categories.

In this article, I’ll properly guide you to change or rename your WordPress website categories name, without creating any problem with your SEO.

Why We Need To Rename Categories in WordPress?

If you create a website recently on the WordPress platform, then you need to good organizational structure. A website’s good structure help visitor to find their content and also help for your site ranking on the Google search engine.

For this reason, WordPress offers to create categories and use the tag. If you add more content on your website then it helps you to easily rank and you may need to rename or modify your categories in wordpress. Let’s have a look at how you can change your wordpress categories name easily and the right way. Also Read: (How to Fix WordPress Pages Or Posts Returning 404 Error)

How to easily Rename Categories in WordPress

If you need to rename or modify your category name, then follow the instruction to go on the Post>> Categories. Now the categories, which you want to rename or modify. You can find all the category lists in this area.

There’re two ways to rename or modify a category. Go with the “Quick Edit” option is the easiest way to modify.

Click the Quick Edit Link

When you click the quick edit option then a meta box will be displayed. From here you can easily change the categories. You can also change the categories slug option. Basically, the categories slug option is your website URL:
Example: https://yourdomain/category/contact-us.

The Quick Edit Metabox Will Now Be Displayed

Author Advice: When you change the category name then must change the slug or URL option. Otherhand your site redirects on a different URL.

Make sure that after the change click on the update categories option. 

The second way to change your wordpress category allows you to change categories, slug, and description options as a bonus. To do this way, just click on the edit option then a new page opens, and then change your categories and slug.

Click the Edit Link Under the Category You Wish to Rename

After clicking the edit option it opens an editor page. Now change the category name which you want to change.

Category Edit Screen

On this category page, you can also change the parent category page. Also Read: (Top 5 Best Dark Mode Plugins For WordPress In 2022)


How To Change The Category Prefix

WordPress allows changing the category prefix URL from the wordpress dashboard.
To change this, just go to the Settings>> Permalinks option. Here you’ll find the category base and tag base options.

WordPress Also Allows You to Change the Category Prefix in Category URLs

The default categories option is ‘category’. From here, you can change it to anything that you want to change.

This would change the URL from to Coupon: (Hostinger Coupon Code)

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