How to Install AdBlock Detector Plugin on WordPress

Installing an AdBlock Detector Plugin is the best way to increase your website’s ad revenue and help ensure that all visitors see your ads.

With the rise of ad-blocking software or Chrome, or other browser extensions, it has become essential for website owners to have a way to detect and show a popup message to turn off the ad blocker.

This will allow your website to continue generating revenue from advertisements, which is crucial for many businesses and bloggers.

In today’s tutorial, we’ll show you How to Install the AdBlock Detector Plugin to WordPress and ensure your website’s ads are visible to all visitors.

The AdBlock Detector Plugin in WordPress is helpful for website owners and bloggers. It identifies when visitors are using ad-blocking extensions on their browsers.

This Ads Block Detector plugin is designed to counteract the loss of revenue due to the proliferation of ad-blocking Extension. It ensures that all visitors see your website’s advertisements.

When the plugin detects an ad-blocker, it triggers a popup message. This message kindly requests the visitor to disable the ad-blocker for your site.

Using the AdBlock Detector Plugin thus helps secure ad revenue, a significant income source for many websites and blogs.

Using a free AdBlock detector plugin, you can increase your revenue by up to 10-30% by preventing ad-blocker users from blocking your ads.

How to Install AdBlock Detector Plugin Video Tutorial

How to Install AdBlock Detector Plugin on WordPress

WordPress is the most popular CMS all over the World, and it is well known for its ease of use and flexibility.

Thousands of WordPress plugins are available to extend its functionality. Installing new WordPress plugins is a straightforward process, and the AdBlock Detector Plugin is no exception.

To install an AdBlock detector plugin on your WordPress website, you first need to hover on Plugins and click on Add New Plugin. After opening the WordPress plugin directory, you need to search for a plugin called “CHP Ads Block Detector.

CHS Ads Block Detector

After finding the CHP Ads Block Detector plugin, click on the Install Now button, and when the installation process is complete, click on the Activate button.

By default, the CHP ADS Block Detector plugin automatically activates its process and works seamlessly. There are no additional settings or configurations required.

How to Configure AdBlock Detector Plugin

Once you have installed and activated the AdBlock detector plugin, you can also configure the CHP ADS Block detector plugin for your needs. To configure this plugin, you must first go to the plugin setting.

CHP ADS Block Detector

Then, you can Enable and Disable Ads block on your website from this page and customise your AdsBlock Detector popup title and description.

After all of your changes, Don’t forget to click on the Save Changes button.

Benefit of Using AdBlock Detector Plugin on Your WordPress Website?

The benefits of using an AdBlocker plugin are limitless. Here are a few of them:

  1. Increased ad revenue: With the ad-blocker popup, you can ensure all visitors see and generate revenue from your ads.
  2. Better user experience: By politely requesting visitors to disable their ad-blocking extension, you provide a better browsing experience for them without intrusive ads.
  3. Easy installation process: As shown above, installing the AdBlock Detector Plugin is a simple process that anyone can do.
  4. Customisable messages: You can customise the popup message to fit your website’s branding and tone, making it more effective in convincing visitors to disable their ad blocker.
  5. Analytics tracking: Some AdBlock Detector Plugins also offer analytics tracking, allowing you to see how many visitors are using ad-blockers and how much revenue you’re potentially losing.

Additional Tips for Using AdBlock Detector Plugin

Here are some additional tips to make the most out of your AdBlock Detector Plugin:

  • Keep the message polite and concise.
  • Consider offering an incentive, such as exclusive content or a discount code, to disable the ad blocker.
  • Regularly update and test your plugin to ensure it’s working effectively.
  • Use the analytics tracking to track your success and make necessary adjustments.


Installing an AdBlock Detector Plugin on WordPress is a simple but effective way to increase ad revenue and provide a better user experience for visitors.

It’s also a great way to ensure that all visitors see your ads, even those using ad-blocking extensions. With customisable messages and analytics tracking, the AdBlock Detector Plugin is a valuable tool for any website owner or blogger.

By completing this tutorial, you can install and configure the plugin on your WordPress site and reap its benefits.

Still, if you’ve any further questions about this guide, please contact our expert team for assistance.

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