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How to Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death (Beginner guide)

The white screen of death is one of the common errors in WordPress. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most frustrating because this error doesn’t provide you with a message, and it’s locked out of your WordPress dashboard.

Another problem with this white screen of death is that sometimes it only locks a specific part of your website.

For example, you may only see the white screen of death error in your WordPress admin area, while other things will be work fines. In the other cases, you may only see it on specific pages or posts, whereas everything works fine.

This article will show you the proper method to fix the WordPress white screen of death error. 

Note: Before changes, any single change on your website, make sure that you have a backup of your website.

Why Do You See the White Screen of Death in WordPress?

A script on your website that exhausted the memory limit is one of the leading causes of the white screen of death error.

The unresponsive script either gets killed by your WP site hosting server or simply times out. So there’s no actual error message generated, and you see a white pain screen of death error.

white screen of death

Sometimes you might see a critical error on your white screen error.

white screen of death

Whether you’re seeing a blank ( white screen of death) or the message, there has been a critical error on your site. But, unfortunately, that’s the same error.

The error can often happen due to installing a plugin on your site from unknown sources or a poorly coded theme. Sometimes a hosting server can cause the white screen of death problem.

Since the white screen of death can be caused by many things, it requires troubleshooting.

Does the problem occur on your other sites?

If you install many WordPress websites in the same hosting account, you want to start by check-in if the problem occurs on the other sites.

If it is, then that’s a strong indicator that something is going wrong with your hosting services. Although these could be temporary issues that are affecting your services, at this time, you need to contact your hosting provider then they can give you the perfect solutions.

On the other hand, if the issue is only happening with one website or a single part of your website, you are sure that the problem is with that particular website.

Fixing White Screen of death Error with WordPress Recovery Mode

If a WordPress theme or a plugin causes the white screen of death, WordPress may catch the problem.

WordPress 5.2 updates come with new fatal error protection features which can catch the error. So you may not be able to see the white screen. Instead, you will see a message that your site has been going through technical difficulties.

white screen of death

Also, you can find a mail on your website admin email address with the subject, “Your Site Is Having A Technical Issues.”

white screen of death

This mail message will point out the problem, which is the cause of the plugin. This mail also helps you access your website admin area, and you can also deactivate the faulty plugin.

white screen of death

However, if you don’t see the plain white screen of death with no mail or recovery option, you need to fix this error manually.

Increasing the Memory Limit

Usually, this error happens because a script exhausted the memory limit and quite it in the middle. To fix this problem, you need to increase your server PHP memory. This process will help to allow you to use more memory to finish the job it was supposed to do.

Disabling All Plugins To Fix White Screen of Death

If the memory limit increasing can’t help you in the process, or you have a high memory limit like 256M or 512M. At this time, you can start the troubleshooting.

In the experience of troubleshooting these issues, we’ve always found that this kind of problem is either with a specific theme or plugin. So let’s go to the process disable all plugins.

If you can still access your WordPress admin area, you can go to the Plugins >> Installed plugins pages. Then select all the plugins and click on the deactivate under “Bulk” actions dropdown.

white screen of death

If you don’t have access to your WordPress admin area, you can deactivate all the plugins from your cPanel.

First of all, when you access your cPanel area, you go to the wp-content folder, where you will see the plugins folder.

white screen of death

When you go to the correct folder, select the plugins folder, and lastly, you can rename the plugins folder to deactivate all the plugins.

white screen of death

Then your cPanel client will now rename your WordPress plugins folder.

When your website loads, then WordPress looks for a folder like plugins. When it can’t find the folder, it simply deactivates your all-install plugins.

If this process fixes all your issues, you enable one plugin to find the problems plugins. When you find the poorly coded plugin, then replace the plugin to fix this problem.

Replace Theme with a Default Theme

If the plugin troubleshooting doesn’t fix the issues, you should go with replacing the current theme option with a default theme.

When you log in to your website hosting server, you can see the wp-content/themes/folder; here, you can find all installed themes on your website.

Then click on the right, click on your selected WordPress theme and download the theme for backup.

white screen of death

The next thing you need to do is delete your website’s current theme from your website. Right-click on the theme folder and select the delete button then your FTP server will delete your active theme from your website.

white screen of death

Now, if you’ve to install the default WordPress theme or other WordPress theme install, WordPress will automatically start using it as a default theme.

However, don’t have any install theme, then firstly, you need to install them manually using the FTP server.

If this process fixes all your issues, you need to look at your functions.php file. If there’s any extra space at the bottom of the file, remove all the black space. That space can be the cause of this error.

Also, if you’re using a poorly code function.php file, then that’s maybe a cause of this problem.

Enable Debug Mode to Catch Errors in WordPress

If nothing has helped so far, the next step is turning on debugging in WordPress. This process will help you see what types of errors are being outputted.

, add the following code into the wp-config.php file.

define( 'WP_DEBUG', true);
define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true );

You’ll find your debug folder under your wp-content folder.Once you add those codes to your FTP server, it will show errors, warnings, and notices. This process may be able to help you to fix this problem. 

white screen of death

Clear WordPress Cache

Sometimes it may happen that you’ve fully controlled your website backend, but your front-end area is facing a white screen of death problem. At this time, a caching plugin can be a case of this problem. Empty your all cache.

Fixing Longer White Screen of Death

If you’re facing this white screen of death, only the longest pages or posts, then you can use this little trick on your server.

This trick increases your server PHP’s text processing capability by increasing the recursion and the backtrack limit. You can paste the following code into your wp-config.php file.

/** Trick for long posts */

I hope that method will help you to go out from this problem. If you fix this problem by following the process, leave a comment. Thank you.

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