How to Embed TikTok Feed in WordPress (3 Different Ways)

If you’re a WordPress user, then you’ll be happy to hear that WordPress allows its users to Embed TikTok feeds on your WordPress website.

Embed TikTok help you to show video on your WordPress website, and it can be helpful for many reasons. Because website visitors are more interact with video content than straightforward text content.

So, Embed TikTok Feed is a great way to engage visitors and make your website more enjoyable. Embedding TikTok feed on your WordPress website helps you decrease your website bounce rate.

It’s straightforward to Embed any TikTok video in a WordPress website. In this tutorial, we’ll help you to add a TikTok video on any page, post, or widget of your WordPress website.

There are several reasons why you should consider embedding a TikTok feed in your WordPress website. Here are some of the best reasons to add a TikTok feed to your website.

  1. Increase User Engagement: As mentioned earlier, visitors are more likely to interact with video content rather than just text. By embedding the TikTok feed on your website, you can increase user engagement and keep them on your site for a more extended period.
  2. Diversify Your Content: Adding different types of content to your website can help attract a wider audience. By including TikTok videos, you can offer a more diverse range of content to cater to different preferences.
  3. Improve SEO: Embedding TikTok feed can also help improve your website’s search engine rankings. By increasing user engagement and offering a diverse range of content, you can improve your website’s SEO and drive more traffic.
  4. Decrease Bounce Rate: As mentioned earlier, embedding a TikTok feed can help decrease your website’s bounce rate. This means that visitors are more likely to stay on your site for a more extended period, which is beneficial for your website’s overall performance.
  5. Stay Updated: By embedding a TikTok feed on your WordPress website, you can easily stay updated with the latest trends and popular videos. This can help keep your website fresh and relevant to your audience.

Embed TikTok Feed in WordPress (Video Tutorial)

How to Embed TikTok Feed in WordPress Using Plugins

If you’re a WordPress user, then it’s straightforward to add a TikTok Feed or video on your WordPress page, post, Widget, or anywhere.

WordPress allows users to add TikTok videos on their platform in different ways. Today, we’ll discuss all the possible ways to add TikTok Feed.

Method 1: Embed TikTok Feed With Classic Editor

It’s straightforward to Embed Tiktok videos with WordPress Classic Editor.

Firstly, you need to open the WordPress post or page where you want to add a TikTok video.

Open WordPress Post Or Page

After opening a Post or a Page, you need to go to to get your TikTok video, which you want to Embed on your WordPress website.

After opening, click on a video and copy the URL.

Copy TikTok Video URL

After Copying the TikTok video URL, you need to come to your page or page and paste the TikTok video URL.

After pasting the video URL, your WordPress website will automatically detect the TikTok video and start to show the video on your page.

Direct Paste TikTok Video

It’s a very easy-to-complete process.

You can also Embed your TikTok video differently with Classic Editor. After copying the TikTok video URL, you must go to your WordPress classic editor.

And click on the Plus icon; then you’ll see a search box will appear. Then, it would help if you searched for “TikTok” in the search box.

When TikTok appears, Then click on the TikTok icon.

Search For TikTok Widget

After clicking on the TikTok widget, paste your TikTok video URL and hit the Embed button.

Paste TikTok URL and click Enable Button

After clicking on the Embed button, The TikTok video will show on your Website.

Method 2: Embed TikTok Feed With WordPress Widget

In this step, we’ll show you how to Embed Tiktok with the help of WordPress Widget. This method is beneficial when showing your TikTok video on your sidebar area.

To complete this step, you need to hover your mouse icon on Appearance and then click on the Widgets.

Open sidebar widget

Again, click on the Plus icon and search for TikTok.

Find TikTok on sidebar

After finding the TikTok Widget, click on TikTok.

Paste link on Sidebar widget

Then paste your TikTok video link to the “TikTok URL” Embed field. And lastly, click on the Embed button.

Then, your TikTok video will start to show on your website sidebar.

Method 3: Embed the Entire TikTok Feed With WordPress Plugin

In this method, we’ll show you how to add your Entire Tiktok Feed to your WordPress website.

To Embed Your Entire TikTok feed, it’s required to install a WordPress plugin called “QuadLayers TikTok Feed“.

To install the Plugin, you need to hover your mouse on Plugins and then click on the Add New.

Then, search for the “QuadLayers TikTok Feed” plugin; when the Plugin appears, click the “Install Now” button. And when the Installation process is ended, click on the “Active” Button.

Search For Plugin

After Activating the plugin, you need to open the plugin setting.

Go Account Setting

After coming to the TikTok Feed (Beta) welcome page, click on the Account. Then, you’ll come to the account page of the plugin. Then click on the “Add TikTok Account” button.

Connect plugin with TikTok

Then the QuadLayers website will open, and you need to go with “Login With TikTok”. Then, your QuadLayers plugins are connected to your TikTok feed.

After authorizing your TikTok account with QuadLayers, you must go to your QuadLayers plugin settings again and click on Feeds.

Click On Feed

After coming to the feed section, click the “+ Feed” button. Click on the “+ Feed” button; a pop-up will appear. Then, you need to set the following settings like this image.

Plugin setting 1st one

You need to select your TikTok account; then you need to choose your TikTok feed display style. With a free version, you can go with the Gallery or Masonry style.

Plugin setting 2nd one

Then you need to set the limit (How many latest TikTok videos you want to display on your WordPress website), select the Columns and click on the Button.

Copy ShortCode

After clicking on the Save Button, you’ll get a shortcode. Now you can display Your TikTok feed anywhere on your WordPress using the ShortCode.

How do I embed a TikTok feed on my website?

To embed a TikTok feed on your website, install and activate the “QuadLayers TikTok Feed” WordPress plugin. After linking it with your TikTok account and setting up your display preferences, use the generated shortcode to showcase your TikTok feed anywhere on your WordPress site.

Can you embed TikTok videos in blog?

Yes, you can embed TikTok videos in your blog. By simply copying the video URL from TikTok and pasting it into your blog post, the video will be automatically embedded and viewable to your readers.

How do I embed TikTok in Elementor?

To embed TikTok in Elementor, you first need to generate a shortcode by using the “QuadLayers TikTok Feed.” Then, you can display your TikTok feed by using the Elementor Shortcode widget.

How do I embed a video into a blog post?

To embed a video into a blog post, first locate and copy the video URL or embed code from the video platform (such as YouTube, Vimeo, or TikTok). Then, paste the URL or embed code directly into your blog editor, and the video should automatically be embedded within your post.


In conclusion, embedding TikTok feeds in your WordPress site is a powerful way to enhance user engagement. Leveraging plugins like QuadLayers TikTok Feed simplifies this process, allowing seamless integration of your social media content onto your website.

In this context, we share the three best methods to add TikTok Feed to your WordPress website. If you are a classic Editor or Gutenberg user, you can follow the first Method to add a TikTok feed on your website.

Method 2 will help you if you want to add your TikTok video to your website sidebar. And if you’re an Elementor, you can go with the 3rd Method.

With these methods, you can easily add your TikTok videos to your website and increase user engagement.

Make sure to update and refresh your feeds for the best results regularly. Thanks for your valuable time with us.

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