How to Create Subscribe To Unlock Download Link On WordPress

Subscribe to unlock download link is one of the best ways to grow your YouTube channel with your website. 

If you provide free giveaways or free tools on your website, then subscribing to unlock link will help you grow your YouTube channel. That means when someone tries to download something from your website, a new window opens with your YouTube channel subscribe popup. When your user signs up to your YouTube channel then they can download it from your website. 

After applying this method, you can grow your YouTube channel with your targeted niche audience. That unlocks your other passive income sources.

Subscribe YouTube channel to unlock the download link is one button on the website which allows you to download something from the website after subscribing to the YouTube channel.

This important feature helps you to grow your YouTube channel with the target audience. It is a great tool for marketing so that you can convert more visitors to subscribers so that they can get access to the content of your website or channel.

When someone visits your website and tries to download something from it, a new window asks them to subscribe to your YouTube channel. After subscribing, they can also access the content from your website or channel.

What are the benefits of subscribe to download link?

Subscribing YouTube channel to access the download link is a great feature that allows you to increase your YouTube subscriber with your website.

  • Increase Brand Awareness: When someone subscribes to your YouTube channel after accessing your website, this will increase your brand’s visibility. You can easily make more people aware of your brand by subscribing to unlock download button.
  • Promote Your Channel: Subscribing to unlock the download link is a great way to promote your YouTube channel and its content for totally free. It helps you to increase the viewers and subscribers of your channel.
  • Grow Your Audience: This technique lets you quickly grow your targeted audience. They will be more likely to stay subscribed to your channel if they get something from you after subscribing.
  • Increase Engagement: This helps to increase engagement with your website or YouTube channel, as people have a reason to stay subscribed and interact with your content.
  • Get More Subscribers: You can get more traffic on your website or channel with more subscribers. This helps increase the sales of products or services related to your niche and promote affiliate links. 

Video Tutorial

How to get the HTML code?

To get the HTML script, go to the following link. 

After collecting the code from our website, you need to make a few changes to the HTML code, like on the image.

Video Tutorial

How to create subscribe YouTube to unlock download link Button In WordPress

If you are a blogger user, then you can skip this part. In this part, I will show how you can add Subscribe YouTube channel to the Get Download link Button on WordPress CMS in two ways. 

Most WordPress users use the two most popular editors, Elementor Page Builder and Classic Editor. So, I will show you how to add these buttons in WordPress.

How to Add Subscribe To Unlock Download link with Classic Editor

To begin with, you need to open a post or a page with your classic editor where you want to add your subscribe to unlock the download button.

Open Post With Classic Editor

Then you need to click the plus icon to find the Custom HTML and click on the Custom HTML button.

Custom HTML

After opening the Custom HTML section, paste your code into this section. Moreover, click on the Live Preview Button.

paste your code on Custom HTML

After clicking the live preview button, your Subscribe to Download button will work properly.

Final Look on Classic Editor

How to Add Subscribe To Unlock Download link with Elementor

Now in this section, you will know how to add Subscribe YouTube channel to get the download link with Elementor.

Final Look on Classic Editor

It would help if you found HTML from the Search bar after opening your post or page with Elementor Editor. After finding the HTML editor, you need to click on this.

Paste code on HTML

After dragging the HTML on your page, you must paste all the code into your HTML code section. After pasting the code, Your Button will be working properly. 

How to create subscribe YouTube channel to unlock the download button link In Blogger

To add Subscribe to get download link button on blogger, to begin with, you need to login to your blogger website admin dashboard.

Add New post on Blogger

After logging on to your website dashboard, click the New Post Or New Page button.

1 Click

You need to click on this button after opening a new post or a page. Then follow the next step…..

HTML view

After clicking on this button, two options are going to be open. Now you must go with the first option and click the HTML view button.

Live Preview

After opening the HTML view, paste the code on your HTML Editor. After pasting the code, click the Preview button to see the changes.

Blogger Live Preview

After clicking the button, you will see your Subscribe to get the Download button successfully added to your blogger website.


Subscribing to unlock the download button is a great way to grow your YouTube channel and website. It will help you to increase brand awareness, promote your channel, grow your audience, increase engagement and get more subscribers. This technique allows you to monetize your YouTube channel with a targeted niche audience.

You can use this method by embedding HTML code on the page where you want to show this button.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the subscribe to unlock download link feature. We are more than happy to help you set up the feature on your website.

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