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How to Create a Full Width Page in WordPress (For Beginner)

If you want to create a full width page in WordPress, So you can stretch your content across the screen?

Most WordPress themes already come with a built-in full-width page template that you can use. However, if your theme doesn’t have one, then it’s easy to add it.

This article will show you how to easily create a full-width page in WordPress and even create fully custom page layouts without any code.


Method 1. Firstly Use Your Theme’s Full Width Template

Firstly go on the page. Some of the themes come with a default full wide page, then it’s best to simply use that. Almost all good WordPress themes do.

Even most of the best free WordPress themes often come with a full width template page, So you can see the option for a full wide page.

Firstly, you need to go edit a page or create a new one by going to Pages » Add New from your WordPress dashboard.

The go-to the Discussion option I hope you’ll find the page attributes option. Under attributes, you can find the templates option.

Viewing the 'Page Attributes' section in the 'Document' pane in WordPress

If you have the full width template for your theme, then it will be listed here. It should be called ‘Full Width Template’:

Select the full width template from the 'Template' dropdown

Actually, this option fully depends on your theme. Don’t worry, if you did not have this option, just read the full content. I hope you’ll find your solution.

You can easily add one using the methods below.

Method 2: Using a Plugin for createa full width page

This method is the easiest for creating a full wide page on any WordPress theme.

First, you need to install and activate the Fullwidth Templates plugin. If you’re not sure how to do that, check out our beginner’s guide to installing a WordPress plugin.

After installing the plugin, you’ll find three new options for your page templates:

The different options available for your page template using the Full Width plugin

These options are:

  • FW No Sidebar: The first option is to remove the sidebar from your page, but leave everything else intact
  • FW Fullwidth: The second option is to remove the sidebar, title, and comments, and stretch the layout to full width
  • FW Fullwidth No Header Footer: The Third option is to remove everything that FW Fullwidth does, plus the header and footer

If you’re going to simply use the built-in WordPress editor, “FW No Sidebar” it will be the best option for you.

If you’re going with the full width page template, then you’ve limited customization options.

if you wanna go with no code or any technically then you can try this for creating a full wide page for your site.


Method 3: create a full width page with page builder

If your page doesn’t support the full wide templates, then you can go with the best easiest to create a full wide page.

It allows you to edit any full wide page and create different pages for your website page, with a drag and drop interface.

To go with this method, you will need a WordPress page builder plugin. In this tutorial, we’ll be using Beaver Builder. It is one of the best drag and drops page builder plugins, and it allows you to easily create page layouts without writing any code.

Firstly, you need to install and activate the Beaver Builder plugin. For more details, see our step-by-step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Once you’ve activated it, either edit an existing page or create a new one.

On the page and go right-hand side of your screen, go to ‘Page Attributes’ and select a full-width template from the dropdown.

Next, click the ‘Launch Beaver Builder’ button in the center of your screen.

Using the Beaver Builder plugin to create your full width page

Now use the drag and drop option for full width page creation.

The Beaver Builder drag and drop interface

There’s the best way to do this. There’re lots of templates gallery, you can choose one for your page.

Select one of the Beaver Builder templates

Firstly Click on a template to select it and then the page builder will be loaded. Then you can change any theme and elements, that you want to change.

Beaver Builder layouts are built with rows and modules. Each row can have multiple columns and inside each row, you can add content modules and widgets.

To edit a row or a module in the layout, you just need to click on it. In this case, we’re editing the Heading module:

Editing a heading using Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder will open the item details in a popup where you can edit its settings. You can change the text, change fonts and colors, add or change background images, and more.

Editing the details of an item in Beaver Builder

You can add modules and widgets at any time to your layout. Beaver Builder comes with many basic and advanced content modules that you can just drag and drop into your page.

Adding a module in Beaver Builder

After every single change, You can then save your draft or publish it.

Saving or publishing your full width page in Beaver Builder

After creating everything don’t forget to visit your page.

Method 4. Create Completely Custom Full-Width Landing Pages with SeedProd

While Beaver Builder isn’t the perfect solution then you can go with this way.

If you’re looking to create a completely custom landing page, where you can do anything to customize the header, footer, and all areas of the page, then we recommend using SeedProd.

It is the best landing page plugin for WordPress, and it comes with a very easy-to-use drag and drops option.

SeedProd Page Builder

If you want to go this way then firstly, you need to install and activate the SeedProd plugin.

After activation, simply go to SeedProd » Pages to add a new landing page. You can simply select from one of their many pre-built templates or create a custom landing page from scratch.

The best part about SeedProd is that it is extremely fast, and it comes with built-in conversion features for Subscriber management, email marketing service integration, and more.

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