7 Best WordPress Link Manager Plugin in 2023

Last updated on November 23rd, 2023 at 08:46 pm

Management link in WordPress is a crucial aspect in optimising your website for search engines and the best user experience.

An affiliate’s link is very hard to memorable, so having a link manager in WordPress is important to help you organise and keep track of all your links. WordPress Link Manager Plugin helps you to manage your Affiliate links from one place.

This is a default affiliate link (https://www.hostg.xyz/aff_c?offer_id=6&aff_id=150866), which you’ll get from an affiliate network, but by using a Link Manager WordPress Plugin, you can make the URL this: YourDomain.com/hostinger.

This article will share the best 7 WordPress Link Manager plugin in 2023. All the WordPress link manager plugins come with a free version; now, a credit card is required.

What is a Link Manager WordPress Plugin?

Link Manager is a plugin for WordPress that helps you organise and keep track of all your affiliate links. It allows you to easily create, manage, and track all your links in one place.

Some of these plugins also provide features such as link cloaking, link redirection, and link categorization to make it easier for you to manage your links and improve the user experience on your website.

The best thing about using a WordPress Link Manager Plugin is you can organise all of the affiliate links in a perfect way. When you change your Affiliate link from your dashboard, all links within your website will be updated automatically.

This saves you time and effort and reduces the chances of broken or outdated links on your website.

Benefit Of WordPress Link Manager Plugin

You miss a lot if you still need to use a link management plugin on your WordPress website. Here are a few reasons why you must use a WordPress Link Manager Plugin:

  • Easy link management: With a WordPress Link Manager Plugin, you can easily organise and keep track of all your affiliate links in one place.
  • Improved user experience: By using features like link cloaking and redirection, you can improve the overall user experience on your website.
  • Time-saving: As mentioned earlier, using a WordPress Link Manager Plugin saves you time by automatically updating all links on your website when you make changes in the dashboard.
  • Better SEO: Managing and organising your links can also positively impact your website’s search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts.

What are the 7 Best WordPress Link Manager Plugin?

Because of the popularity of WordPress, a huge number of link manager plugins are available. However, not all of them offer the same features and functionality.

Choosing the perfect one for your website is a bit difficult. But you don’t need to worry! We’re here to help you with the ideal solution.

Here are our top 7 picks for the best WordPress Link Manager Plugin:

  1. Pretty Links
  2. ThirstyAffiliates
  3. Tasty Links
  4. Easy Affiliate Links
  5. Link Whisper
  6. Internal Link Juicer
  7. WP Links

1. Pretty Links

Pretty Links

Introducing Pretty Links, the ultimate WordPress Link Manager plugin that will help you manage, brand, track, and share your links.

The standout feature of Pretty Links is its ability to create aesthetically pleasing short links that are easy to remember and share. This plugin gives you complete control over how your links look, leveraging your domain name instead of relying on external link-shrinking services.

Pretty Links isn’t just a link manager; it’s a comprehensive tool that tracks each hit on your URL. From the source of the hit to the browser, OS, and host, this plugin provides invaluable insights to help you strategise better.

The plugin offers unique features such as link tracking and management, enhancing your online presence. With Pretty Links, your links on platforms like emails, Twitter, forums, or blog comments are cleaner and easily traceable, increasing the reach of your website.

User Experience

Pretty Links Dashboard

The pretty link provides the best user experience in the WordPress link manager plugin category. If you’re a beginner, this is the best affiliate manager plugin!

Pretty Link provides all the features to organise your affiliate link by categories, Tags, and labels. Their free plugin version allows you to see the link click count.

Pretty Links also offers a pro version with features like automatic link replacement and detailed click-tracking analytics. For more advanced features, you need to upgrade to the pro version.


Pretty Link is a free, freemium plugin that you can use on your WordPress website.

You’ll get all your needs from a pretty link with the free version of the plugin. But if you’re at an advanced level and want advanced tracking and many premium features, then you need to go with their premium features.

Their pricing plan starts from $99.60/Year for a single website license.

2. ThirstyAffiliates


ThirstyAffiliates is not just a WordPress Link Manager; it’s your ultimate partner for an efficient affiliate marketing journey.

ThirstyAffiliates has impressive features catering to all your link management needs. It simplifies managing, branding, tracking, and sharing your links. The plugin provides an intuitive interface for creating trackable, short links that elevate your branding game.

Uniquely, it also offers various features for organising your links, allowing you to categorise, tag, and label them most intuitively. The plugin’s tracking feature provides detailed reports on link clicks, enabling you to monitor and optimise your affiliate marketing strategies.

ThirstyAffiliates serves as a versatile affiliate link management and cloaker tool. It’s designed to efficiently manage, shrink, and track your affiliate links in WordPress. With this plugin, you’re not just creating short links but enhancing user experience, improving SEO, and bolstering your affiliate marketing strategies.

User Experience

ThirstyAffiliates Dashboard

ThirstyAffiliates is another user-friendly WordPress Link Manager Plugin like Pretty Links. These two link manager WordPress plugins provide almost the same features.

But with the help of ThirstyAffiliates, you can also change your affiliate link slug-like YourDomain.com/go/affiliate-link or YourDomain.com/refer/affiliate-link, and many more.

From the plugin dashboard, you can also check which link gets how many clicks, where the click comes from, and how many times the link hits.


ThirstyAffiliates also provides a free version of their plugin, which can completely fulfil your needs.

But for advanced features like automatic keyword linking, geo-targeting, etc., you must upgrade to their premium pricing plan.

The plugin’s pro version starts at $99.60/Year (single-site license) and can go up to $199.60 for 5 website licenses.

3. Tasty Links

Tasty Link

Tasty Links is the ultimate solution for managing affiliate links effectively and efficiently.

This WordPress Link Manager plugin offers features that make link management a breeze. Create aesthetically pleasing, trackable short links that enhance your online presence and improve your marketing strategies.

A unique offering of Tasty Links is its unparalleled organisation features. With the ability to categorise, tag, and label your links, managing your affiliate links has never been more effortless.

Moreover, Tasty Links’ advanced tracking feature provides invaluable insights into your link’s performance. Detailed reports about each click and link hit empower you to make data-driven decisions and optimise your marketing strategies efficiently.

User Experience

Tasty Link Dashboard

Tasty Links is designed with the user in mind, making it another excellent option for beginners and advanced users.

The plugin’s interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, providing a seamless experience even for non-technical users. The organisation’s features, including categorising and tagging links, make managing multiple links a breeze.

Its pro version offers automatic keyword linking and customisable link colours, making it a highly recommended plugin for serious affiliate marketers.


Tasty Links offers a free and premium WordPress Link Manager plugin version.

The pro version starts at $49 per year for a single-site license and goes up to $199 for up to 25 WordPress websites.

For those who are looking for an extensive range of features at an affordable price, Tasty Links is an excellent option.

4. URL Shortify

URL Shortify

URL Shortify, the elegant alternative to overly complex link management solutions, is here to revolutionise your WordPress experience.

This plugin is the premier choice for managing, branding, tracking, and sharing URLs within your WordPress website.

URL Shortify makes link management a breeze, offering pretty, trackable short links that amplify your online presence. It refines the art of link management, bringing together simplicity, ease, and elegance in a single, self-hosted solution.

With unique features like intuitive link organisation and detailed tracking, URL Shortify enables you to gain control over your online presence. Using your domain name to create links that align perfectly with your brand identity is a fantastic alternative to other SaaS URL shorteners.

User Experience

URL Shortify is designed with the user in mind, offering the best experience that saves time and elevates your branding.

Create short links using your domain name and customise their appearance to fit seamlessly with your website’s design. The plugin also provides detailed click-tracking, giving valuable insights into your link performance.

Its ease of use makes it an excellent option for beginners, while its advanced features cater to the needs of seasoned marketers.


URL Shortify is entirely free to use on a WordPress Website. The Free version of this plugin will fulfil all of your needs.

For those who need additional features, the premium version starts at $69 per year for a single website and goes up to $199 per year for up to 25 WordPress websites. It’s a cost-effective solution that delivers unparalleled value for your money.

5. Easy Affiliate Links

Easy Affiliate Link

Easy Affiliate Links is the Ultimate WordPress Link Manager Plugin that revolutionises how you manage, brand, track and share your links.

What sets Easy Affiliate Links apart is its remarkable ease of use and powerful features, making it the best WordPress Link Manager Plugin on the market. Crafted to cater to beginners and advanced users, it offers an unrivalled experience managing your links effectively.

This plugin shines with its sophisticated features, perfect for management, branding, tracking, and sharing. It allows you to effortlessly create pretty, trackable short links, elevating your online presence and offering a seamless user experience.

Easy Affiliate Links provides unique offerings such as intuitive link organisation, detailed tracking, and more. It empowers you to categorise, tag, and monitor your links, making link management easier.

User Experience

Easy Affiliate Link Dashboard

Easy Affiliate Links is designed to provide a smooth and straightforward user experience.

This plugin has a clean interface and simple navigation, making it ideal for beginners new to affiliate marketing.

The pro version offers additional features such as automatic link keywords, customisable link slugs, and advanced tracking options, making it an excellent choice for experienced marketers looking to optimise their strategies further.


Easy Affiliate Links offers a free, premium version of its WordPress Link Manager plugin.

The pro version starts at $29 per year for a single website license and goes up to $79 for up to 20 websites.

With its affordable pricing, impressive features, and user-friendly interface, Easy Affiliate Links is ideal for those looking to enhance their affiliate marketing journey.

6. Link Whisper


Link Whisper is your secret weapon to supercharge internal link building, enhancing your website’s SEO performance. This WordPress Link Manager plugin is not just a tool; it’s a game-changer in internal link building.

This plugin stands out for its intelligent automation, transforming a time-consuming process into a quick and easy task.

The best features of Link Whisper include its ability to create attractive, trackable short links that amplify your online presence. Its unique offerings, such as intuitive link organisation and detailed tracking, make managing these links effortlessly, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Like a silent assistant, Link Whisper quietly suggests contextual internal link opportunities that enhance your reader’s navigation and boost your Google ranking.

User Experience

LinkWhishper Dashboard

Link Whisper delivers a seamless user experience, making internal link-building hassle-free.

Its intelligent automation analyses your content and suggests relevant internal links, reducing the time spent on manual interlinking.

Additionally, the plugin offers an easy-to-use interface with simple navigation, perfect for beginners and experienced marketers alike.


Link Wishper is another free-to-use WordPress Link Manager Plugin that offers a paid premium version.

The pro version of Link Wishper starts from $77/year for a single website license and $167/year for up to 10 WordPress websites.

Investing in this plugin is an investment in your SEO and overall website performance, making it a valuable addition to any WordPress site.

7. Internal Link Juicer

Internal Link Juicer

Internal Link Juicer is the ultimate game-changer in WordPress Link Manager plugins.

Internal Link Juicer stands out for its high-performance capabilities and semi-automatic internal link-building process, making it a top choice for users.

The plugin’s unique feature set includes the ability to easily create attractive and trackable short links, boosting your website’s overall visibility. Its intuitive link organisation and detailed tracking system make link management hassle-free and effective.

Internal Link Juicer is a state-of-the-art solution to enhance your website’s SEO performance while improving user experience. It uses an intelligent per-post configuration of your desired keywords, pointing out the right content for the context.

User Experience

Internal Link Juicer Dashboard

Internal Link Juicer offers a user-friendly interface and straightforward navigation, making it an ideal choice for beginners.

Its intelligent automation simplifies the internal linking process, saving time and effort while optimising your website’s SEO.

The pro version of this plugin also offers advanced features such as automatic link scanning and link maintenance options, making it a must-have for seasoned marketers.


Internal Link Juicer is a freemium WordPress Link Manager Plugin like our previous recommendations.

But If you want to unlock all of the features of the Internal Link Juicer plugin, Then we highly recommend you go with their premium version.

Their premium license for a single website will cost you $69.


Those 7 plugins are the most used and well-known names in WordPress Link Manager Plugin.

All of the Link Manager plugins offer almost the same features as others. But Pretty Link and the ThirstyAffiliate plugin are at the top of our recommendations.

If you are looking for a free WordPress Link Manager plugin, Pretty Link or ThirstyAffiliate is highly recommended.

But if you want to do internal linking effortlessly, then Internal Link Juicer is the perfect option.

No matter which one you choose, all 7 of these WordPress Link Manager plugins are designed to make link management more accessible and effective for your website.

So go ahead and try them out to see which one suits your needs the best!

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