Top 5 Best WordPress Coupon Code Plugin

Last updated on October 4th, 2023 at 04:46 pm

A coupon code is one of the best ways to promote affiliates’ products and get sales on your affiliate’s products. Promoting affiliates’ products with coupon codes is the easiest way to generate affiliate sales. You can promote any kind of coupon code on your website with the help of the Best WordPress Coupon Code Plugin. But there’re lots of coupon code plugin are available online. So choosing the perfect plugin to promote the coupon code is quite difficult. In todays content, I’ll share with you the best 5 Best WordPress Coupon Code Plugin to promote any type of coupon code on your website.

Best Overall

Plus Addon

The Plus Addon

Blocksy has more options and features than any other free theme. If you want full control, get Blocksy.

Easy To Access

WP Coupon

WP Coupon And Deal

OceanWP has plenty of options and pre-built layouts. WooCommerce integration is terrific.

Copy & Paste

Affiliates Coups

WP Coupon And Deal

Astra is easy to use and has the largest selection of free starter sites. It’s perfect for beginners. 

What Is The WordPress Coupon Code Plugin?

The Coupon code plugin for WordPress is almost similar to other WordPress plugins, but they come with a few special features. Those kinds of plugins are used to promote affiliates’ products with coupon codes. All the coupon code plugin has some unique features like hiding coupon code; when you click the button to reveal the coupon then, automatically, your affiliates link is open on your reverse tab. So coupon code plugin gives you the highest chance to generate sales from your affiliate’s product. But no free WordPress Coupon Code Plugin doesn’t give you the hide coupon code features. You need to buy any plugin pro plum to get these features. If you just start or just planning to create a coupon code website with the lowest budget, then you can go with any of the free plans. But after a few numbers of sales and generating a few bucks from your coupon website, Then I highly suggest you upgrade your coupon code to the pro version. You’ll get lots of features with the pro plan. And the chance of felt click on your affiliates link will be increased if you go with a pro plan of a coupon code plugin. Also Read: [Top 10 Best Domain For Sale Template For Sale Your Domain]

1. The Plus Addons

Plus addon

The Plus Addons is my favorite coupon code plugin in the WordPress industry. I have used The Plus Addons for a long time on my different websites. This plugin offers you to create different variants of coupon codes to promote your affiliate’s link and generate a good amount of sales from your website. Plus addon comes with more than five styles to promote or create a coupon code. You just need to select the coupon code style then the coupon code will be generated automatically. Also, you can be able to customize all of the coupon codes as you want. You can also make the Peel Content Effect with the help of a plus addon. This plugin also offers the reverse affiliates link to click. It means when a user clicks on the button to see the coupon code, then your affiliates link will open on your visitor reverse tab, and the coupon code will appear on their front tab. But the Coupon code features of The plus addon come with the pro version. So you need to buy their pro plan if you want to use their coupon code features.

2. WP Coupon And Deals

WP Coupons Deals WordPress Coupon Code Plugin

WP Coupon And Deals is another great WordPress plugin to promote coupon codes and deals. If you just started your coupon code website and didn’t want to invest any money in a coupon code plugin, then you can go with WP Coupon And Deals plugin. This plugin offers you premium features to promote coupon codes on your website. This is the best coupon code plugin to start your first coupon code website for free. The only downside of the WP Coupon And Deals free version is you can’t hide the coupon code. Go with their pro plan if you want to hide the coupon code. With the pro plan, you can customize the coupon code as you want and set the reverse affiliates to link click from your audience.

3. Affiliates Coupons

Affilites Coupons

Affiliates Coupons is another popular WordPress Coupon Code Plugin. It is a great competitor of the WP Coupons and deals plugin. These two plugins offer the same kinds of products. Affiliates Coupons provides coupon code features with the free version of the plugin. So you can create your coupon code plugin with the help of Affiliates Coupons is free. But there’s the same downside to WP Coupons And Deal plugin. You can’t hide the coupon code with the free version. Also, you can’t add the reverse click when your audience clicks the coupon reveal button. Also, you can customize the coupon code as you want with the free version. If you can consider that thing, then you can go with this plugin’s free version, or you need to buy their pro plan.

4. WP Coupons

WP Coupons WordPress Coupon Code Plugin

WP Coupons is another one of my favorite coupon code plugins to make any kind of coupon website. You can make a well decorate coupon code with the help of the WP Coupons plugin. This plugin offers you to create any type of coupon code. You can easily hide the coupon code to make sure that your audience must click on your affiliate’s link. This plugin allows you to affiliates link reverse click and the coupon code will appear on the front window of your user. Their yearly plan starts at $29.95, You can also buy their lifetime deal for around $100.

5. SuperBThemes


SuperBThemes is the last WordPress Coupon Code Plugin on our list, but if you think that it’s the worst coupon code plugin, then you’re wrong. This plugin offers you almost the same kinds of features as other affiliates’ coupon code plugins above list. You can make any type of coupon code with the help of this plugin. This plugin also offers you to hide the coupon, customize, and add the reverse affiliates link click features. I think reverse link clicking is a great feature for a coupon code website owner. The reverse affiliates link click increases the percentage of the generated sale from your affiliates link. You can buy the plugin with the plugin for around $100 for a lifetime.


In the above content, I describe the top 5 best WordPress Coupon Code plugins, Which help you to create any type of coupon code plugin for any coupon website. All the coupon has almost the same features. If you wanna go with the free plan then I suggest you use the WP coupon and deals or Affiliate coupons plugin. These two plugins offer you the best pro plan with their free plan. But if you wanna work like a professional then I suggest you go with The plus addon. It can be a great plugin for you. And it offers lots of premium features with its plan, You can buy the plus addon single license with lifetime access from ThemeForest is around $99. But if you wanna buy their lifetime plan for a single website from their website then you need to pay almost $134 for their plan. Also, you can go with a 2 or 3-number plugin. 

That’s all for today, I the content gonna be helpful to you, then you can follow as on a different platform. Thanks For your Valuable time.

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